Find the Latitude and Longitude using Gmap


Google gives the great Javascript Api for finding the Location latitude and longitude by just giving the address only

This is following code

<script src=”;v=2&amp;sensor=true&amp;key=ABQIAAAANez3-95VQQxZUR1e1BaC7RQlRyH5qh-HDT3ImsMIYwyhpUeTghSwTS8yZGHT9D9mFG6mgXkotPdcKw&#8221; type=”text/javascript”></script>

var address =’chennai’;

var geocoder = new GClientGeocoder();

if ( geocoder ) {
function(point) {
if ( !point ) {
//alert(address + ” not found”);
$(“#error”).html(address + ” not found”);
} else {

if you need more details please visit here


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